Tracy Southworth Issues Statement on James Maroney’s Attack Ad

WEST HAVEN – “Our State Senator, James Maroney, along with Senate Democrat leadership committees have launched a vicious campaign to smear the character of my husband, Mike.”

“I am appalled by the horrible accusations made by Senator Maroney and his Democratic leaders in Hartford trying to get him re-elected on this mailer which reference old social media posts that Mike has already apologized for. These attacks are not an accurate representation of my husband, who is a caring, gentle, and loving man. To portray him as anything less is unconscionable and deceitful.” 

“Having sent my daughter to Senator Maroney’s SAT prep-program, I thought of him as a decent person who would not sink to the level of going after his opponent in such a personal way. My husband puts his life on the line for every man, woman, and child each day he goes to work. Senator Maroney creating a toxic environment and attempting to assassinate the character of someone you are running against is no way to bring our district together.”

“I call on Senator Maroney to immediately condemn these horrible attempts to smear my husband’s character and talk about the issues which affect our communities instead.”


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