Mike Southworth

A New Voice. An Experienced Leader.

We need a leader who understands
the challenges we are up against now.

Mike Southworth is that leader.

Stay Up to Date

COVID-19 & Healthcare

The current pandemic and the strain it has put on our supply chain and healthcare systems provide clear evidence we need better preparation for a future outbreak. As a first responder, Mike has seen deficient areas of the state response and will work with healthcare experts to develop a long-term response plan for future outbreaks.

Small Businesses

Among the hardest hit parts of Connecticut and our nation’s economy by the pandemic is our small businesses. As our state continues to open up, Mike will work in Hartford to fight for legislation that provides support for the hundreds of small businesses put in peril by this pandemic.


Mike supports allowing local Boards of Education to determine their own plans. Every community is different and a general plan from Hartford could hinder education or put some of our kids at undue risks.


The current pandemic not only put thousands of Nutmegger’s out of work but exacerbated long standing economic stagnation in Connecticut. As State Senator, Mike will fight for policies that address our state budget, taxes, and high cost of living.


Mike will oppose tolls and will instead fight to reduce administrative costs in infrastructure which are higher than 43 other states in the nation.