Milford Police Union Votes to Endorse Mike Southworth in 14th Senate District Race

MILFORD​ – The Milford Police Union has announced their endorsement and support of Mike Southworth to be the next State Senator for the 14th District.

“In past elections the Milford Police Union has made it a point to stay out of the political arena. However, the political landscape in Connecticut has changed and the time has come for this union to support a candidate that we believe has a commitment to strengthening public safety and the needs of the community in which he represents. Mike Southworth represents a clear new voice with strong leadership that this community can count on in these uncertain times” said Milford Police Union President Michael Moreno.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Milford Police Union. There is no questioning my support for first responders and police officers who serve our community with distinction. As our next State Senator, I will be a true independent voice to keep our community safe ” said Southworth in response to the endorsement.

In their endorsement of Southworth, the Milford Police Union also acknowledged that Senator Maroney had ignored their concerns about the recent police reform bill, H.B. 6004. “James Maroney ultimately voted in favor of this bill, ignoring the concerns from not only the members of the Milford Police Union, but also the concerns from the community in which he represents.”

If elected, Mike Southworth pledged to “work to bring members of our community, experts and local leaders together to craft legislation in a collaborative process so that no part of our district is overlooked or ignored.”


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