Orange Police Union endorses Mike Southworth for 14th State Senate District


ORANGE​ – The members of the Orange Police Union have voted to endorse Mike Southworth to be the next State Senator for the 14th District.

Ryan DePolo, President of the Orange Police Union, announced that the members of the Orange Police Union will enthusiastically “support and encourage everyone in the Town of Orange to vote for Mike Southworth.” Adding that “we believe that Mike Southworth will listen to the experts and constituents alike and that he is committed to keeping our town safe.”

While the Orange Police Union avoids politicizing public safety, DePolo cited “James Maroney’s refusal to support his constituents on what could prove to be disastrous legislation [that] has made it impossible for the members of the Orange Police Union to stay silent any longer.” H.B. 6004, a police reform bill that Senator Maroney voted for, “will weaken the safety net of our communities, as well as drive up costs for the municipalities and its taxpayers. This bill was a way to defund the police by forcing impossible mandates on law enforcement agencies” according to DePolo.

Southworth was “honored to accept the strong and substantive endorsement by the members of the Orange Police Union” and committed to “working with experts to craft legislation that makes necessary reforms while keeping communities safe.”


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