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GOP Endorses Southworth In 14th

May 28 2020 – Milford-Orange Times Republicans unanimously endorsed WestHaven firefighter Mike Southworth to runfor Senate in the 14th Senatorial District,which includes Milford and Orange. Localleaders from West Haven and Milford spoketo the unique ties which Southworth has to thedistrict and how impactful his service has beento local communities.State Rep. Charles Ferraro placedSouthworth’s name into

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William ‘Wiggy’ Johnson remembered as a ‘great Westie’ and fire chief

By Pam McLoughlin – June 1 2020 – Firefighter Mike Southworth, a 20-year veteran and past union president, worked under Johnson, who hired him in 2001. “He had a tremendous wealth of knowledge about the fire services and was respected up and down the East Coast,” Southworth wrote in a Facebook message to the

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